Zoeller 508-0006 Aquanot 508 ProPack 53 Pre-Assembled Sump Pump Review: High Reliability for $500

When installing single family home sump pumps, homeowners frequently ask us whether backup sump pumps are worth it, and if so, whether or not to invest in combination AC/DC sump pump systems from the start. We always answer yes to the first question and we almost always answer yes to the second. The first question is easy: a backup sump pump proves its worth the first time your basement doesn’t flood during a storm that knocks your power out. The second question is almost as easy: unless you have an existing AC sump pump you really like (e.g., a quality unit like the Zoeller M267), it’s almost always better to buy a combination AC/DC system from the start; that way, you don’t forget or procrastinate or simply decide it’s too expensive of an investment. So if you’re going to be proactive, which systems are worth getting?

If you’re on a very tight budget, the Wayne WSS30V is worth considering. However, if you can spend a bit more, at the $500 mark, several great choices exist, including the Wayne WSSM40V, our favorite system on the market so far, the Zoeller 507-0008, and today’s model, the Zoeller 508-0006 Aquanot 508 ProPak53 Preassembled Sump Pump System. As with the 507, it features an excellent AC sump pump, the Zoeller M53, but this time combines it with a more sophisticated DC pump, the Zoeller 508-0005, and is a great choice for homeowners or landlords interested in set-and-forget solutions for basement water control. Our full review is below, but if you’re wondering whether it’s a safe bet, we believe it is, and you can buy it here.

Key Features of the Zoeller 508-0006 Sump Pump (60 Second Summary)

The Zoeller 508-0006 is a pre-assembled combination AC/DC submersible sump pump. The main pump, the Zoeller M53, is AC-powered; the backup is a DC-powered Model 508 Aquanot. The main pump has a 1/3rd horsepower 120V AC motor while the backup is powered by a 12 volt motor. The maximum flow rate of the primary pump is 2,580 gallons per hour at 0 feet (2,340 GPH in the backup). A 3 year limited warranty is included. It measures 12″ long, 12″ wide, and 20″ tall.

The Zoeller 508-0006 pulls 5-10 amps and uses a battery backup, with the battery not included. You will need to purchase a 27, 29, or 31-size deep cycle battery with a minimum 175 minute reserve capacity and maximum dimensions of 13″ long, 7.5″ wide, and 9.5″ wide to fit inside the battery case. You can connect additional batteries via an additional battery case and hookup wire. The MK-E27-SLD-G is an example of a deep cycle battery we’ve reviewed that is fully compatible with the Zoeller.

The power cord is 8 feet long and everything weighs 41 pounds on our scale. While the main discharge flow peaks at 2,580 GPH at zero feet, it drops to 2,040 GPH at 10 feet, 1,140 GPH at 15 feet, and shut-off occurs at 19.25 feet. The backup pump maxes out at 2,340 GPH at zero feet, 1,800 GPH at 10 feet, 1,200 GPH at 15 feet, and 360 GPH at 20 feet, with shut-off at 22 feet.

The working temperature ranges from 40-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The manual specifies a sump pit at least 18″ in diameter with a depth of at least 24.” Practically speaking, you can squeeze it into a 16″ pit, remembering of course that the battery case sits outside the pit. If you try to go narrower you’ll need to relocate the outlet pipe.

How Does the Zoeller 508-0006 Compare to the Wayne WSSM40V Sump Pump and Zoeller 507-0008?

The three main differences between the Zoeller 508-0006 and the Wayne WSSM40V involve the sophistication of the backup pump, the speed of the primary and backup pumps, and long-term reliability. The Wayne’s backup pump is the smarter. It can call you in an emergency and perform a range of self tests. It’s also faster, as is the main Wayne pump; if you need a high rate of water removal, you’ll want to choose that combination pump instead. However, if long term reliability is your top priority, the Zoeller’s parts are built for longevity (the main pump is made of cast iron instead of plastic), and the 508-0006 is likely to provide up to a 15 year lifespan in the main pump, reducing the need for the backup features to begin with.

Between the Zoeller 508-0006 and 507-0008, the most significant differences are in the backup pump: while the 507 comes with the 507-0005 Basement Sentry backup pump, the 508 comes with the 508-0005 Aquanot 508 battery backup, which we recently reviewed. The newer backup pump pumps much more water and to a greater depth. Specifically, it tops out at 2,340 GPH at zero feet compared to 1,380 GPH in the 507, and can pump to 22 feet max head compared to 17.5 feet in the 507. Neither is as strong as the 3,300 max GPH in the Wayne’s backup pump, but the 508 is still far faster than the 507.

The Zoeller 508-0006 also comes with a digital control center; it’s significantly more informative and updated in the 508 compared to in the 507, where you essentially just have a set of lights telling you what’s going on. The 508-0006’s display, in contrast, is readable, and transmits more information about the pump’s functionality. For the most information regarding the status of the backup pump, you’ll want the Wayne, but the 508’s backup is a large step forward compared to that in the 507. It’s also worth noting that the 508-0006 is significantly lighter at 41 pounds than the 507-0008 at 53 pounds.

Our Short and Long Term Experiences Installing and Using the Zoeller 508-0006 Sump Pump 

Installing the Zoeller 508-0006 is straightforward, even if you don’t have significant prior plumbing experience. Aside from what’s specified in the manual, you just cut your PVC pipe so it fits in your sump pit and install the pump there as well. Remember that you’ll also need to connect a battery as well as the charger so the battery can be automatically recharged. Your indicator lights should be green on a fully charged battery and when the pump is functioning properly.

Noise-wise, it’s about the same as the Zoeller 507-0008 and Wayne WSSM40V, which is to say nearly inaudible. Since you’ll primarily be running only the main pump if you’ve got any luck, most of what you’ll hear will be the M53, and the M53 is a quiet sump pump. Our long term feedback suggests it’s easy to get at least 10 years of consistent, trouble-free service from the Zoeller, and we’re aware of several homeowners and plumbers with maintenance-free installations at the 15-year mark.

Troubleshooting and Installation Tips to Get Your Zoeller 508-0006 Working Sooner

The most important thing to remember when installing your Zoeller 508-0006 is that you’ll need a 12 volt deep cycle battery for it to be any good in your sump pump basin. Without installing a battery, you’ll have a great AC sump pump, but your DC sump pump won’t start running in the event of a power loss with rising water. The MK E27-SLD-G is a good example of a compatible and reliable deep cycle battery. You can fit size 27, 29, or 31 batteries. With a 175-minute reserve capacity battery, you can expect about 7.5 hours of continuous operation. This translates to at least 4 days of intermittent operation, which is ample time for returning home to address the situation via a plumber or generator.

When unpacking the unit, take care not to break or bend any parts unnecessarily. However, you might need to put some pressure on the backup pum float switch stem–it’s made of plastic–to straighten it out if it arrives bent due to packaging. When you take the unit out of the box, it won’t be completely vertical, but once you’ve made all the necessary installation and discharge connections, it should be level.

Don’t install any additional check valves; there are already 2 with the unit and Zoeller specifically recommends avoiding installation of a third. However, something you will want to do is check all of your metal hose connections to make sure that everything is securely connected before lowering the sump pump into the pit.

Zoeller 508-0006 Sump Pump’s Pros, Cons, and Value Comparison

Once again, the Zoeller 508-0006 is an excellent combination AC/DC sump pump and one of the best on the market right now. It isn’t a smart pump in the sense that the Wayne WSSM40V is, but it is a reliable combination of parts that should give you trouble-free basement waterproofing for many years to come. Our recommendation would be to choose the Wayne if you’re looking for the communicative and self-monitoring abilities it includes and to choose the Zoeller if reliability is your highest priority. In either case, you’ll have two of the best combination sump pumps on the market. Between the 508-0006 and the 507-0008, we’d recommend the 508-0006 due to the greater functionality of the backup pump.

You can buy the Zoeller 508-0006 here on AmazonYou can buy the Zoeller 507-0008 hereYou can buy the Wayne WSSM40V here. You can buy the MK E27-SLD-G battery here. You can buy a cheaper 12 volt deep cycle battery here.

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