Zoeller 507-0011 Pro Pak 98 Pre-Assembled Backup Sump Pump Review

When it comes to keeping basements dry in single family homes, a good sump pump is essential. But as anyone who has cleaned a flooded basement after a power outage can attest, an AC pump isn’t enough; you need a backup pump as well. If your backup pump is battery powered, which is the most common setup, you might find yourself wondering whether to simply buy an additional DC sump pump to throw in the pit alongside your AC model or whether to buy a combination AC/DC sump pump from the beginning.

The short answer is that it’s up to you. However, unless you’ve got a top of the line AC sump pump (e.g., something like the Zoeller M267), in which case we’d recommend just pairing it with a  great DC pump (e.g., the Wayne WSM3300) and calling it a day, it’s usually a better idea to buy a combination AC/DC sump pump system from the start. This approach keeps you from forgetting to add the DC pump later on, from procrastinating, or from rationalizing later on when you don’t want to spend the money. So let’s presume you’re going to buy a combination pump system from the start: which is worth getting?

If your budget is capped at $300, we recommend the Wayne WSS30V. However, at the $500-$700 mark, you’ll find a lot more options, including the Wayne WSSM40V, our favorite combination system, the Zoeller 507-0008, the Zoeller 508-0006, the Zoeller 508-0007, and today’s model, the Zoeller 507-0011 Pro Pak 98 backup Pump System. It shares the Zoeller M98 AC pump of the 508-0007 and the M507 Backup Sentry DC pump of the 507-0008. Where does it rank compared to the Wayne and Zoeller AC/DC units? Quite well! Like the aforementioned combination sump pump systems, we’d rate it as a good choice for homeowners and landowners. Our full review follows below, but if you’re simply wondering whether it’s worth buying and where to do so, we’re happy to say that yes, it’s a good deal, and you can buy it here.

Key Features of the Zoeller 507-0011 Sump Pump (60 Second Summary)

The Zoeller 507-0011 is a pre-assembled AC/DC combination submersible sump pump. As noted above, the AC pump is the Zoeller M98 while the backup pump is the DC-based Model 507 Basement Sentry. The main pump includes a 1/2 HP 115V motor and the backup pump includes a 12V motor. The max flow rate of the main pump is 4,320 gallons per hour (1,380  GPH in the backup). A 3 year limited warranty is included. It is 19.75″ tall, 11.5″ long, and 11.5″ wide.

The Zoeller 507-011 draws 8.4 (backup)-9.4 (primary) amps and features a battery backup. Because no battery is included, you will need to purchase a 27, 29, or 31-size deep cycle battery. It needs at least 175 minutes of reserve capacity with dimensions not beyond 13″ in length, 7.5″ in width, and 9.5″ in height in order to fit within the included black plastic battery case. You can connect additional batteries by purchasing an additional case and hookup wire. Batteries we have reviewed with full compatibility include the the Zoeller AGM, the MK-E27-SLD-G, and the Wayne AGM WSB1275.

The primary power cord is 15 feet long while the secondary cord is 6 feet long. The system weighs 52 pounds on our scale. Although the main pump is rated for a max  flow of 4,320 GPH at 0 feet, it drops to 3,660 gph at 10 feet, 2,700 gph at 15 feet, and 1,500 gph at 20 feet with shut-off occurring at 23 feet. The backup pump tops out at 1,380 GPH at zero feet, 900 GPH at 10 feet, 300 GPH at 15 feet, and shut-off occurs at 17.5 feet.

You can use the system between 40 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Per Zoeller, your sump pump basin must be at least 18″ in diameter and 24″ in depth, although you’ll possibly be able to make it fit in 16″ diameter pits. The discharge size is a 1-1/2″ NPT.

How Does the Zoeller 507-0011 Compare to the Wayne WSSM40V Sump Pump and Zoeller 508-0006?

The main differences between the Zoeller 507-0011 and the Wayne WSSM40V lie in water removal speeds and the backup pump’s sophistication. The Zoeller’s AC pump is slightly faster than the Wayne’s while the Wayne’s DC pump is much faster than the Zoeller’s. The Wayne’s backup pump is much more functional; it’s a smart pump that can call several phone numbers to provide emergency information (e.g., high water, power outages, low backup battery, etc) while running monthly self-tests to ensure continued functionality. The DC pump in the Zoeller is simply designed to keep your basement from flooding during a power outage (which, in the end, is the most important thing one can do). Both units are about equal in reliability.

Compared to the Zoeller 508-0007, the 507-0011 has a slower and less informative backup pump; the AC pump is the same. Compared to the Zoeller 508-0006, the 507-0011’s main pump is much faster, but the 508-0006 is more reliable due to the M53 main pump, which we see as a more reliable pump than the M98 in the 507-0011. Compared to the 507-0008, the 507-0011 has a much faster AC pump; the DC pump is the same.

Our Short and Long Term Experiences Installing and Using the Zoeller 507-0011 Sump Pump 

You don’t need 50 years of plumbing experience to install the Zoeller 507-0011 as long as you can follow the instructions and are comfortable doing your own work. What you want to remember is to cut your PVC pipe so it fits in the sump pump basin. Similarly, don’t forget to add a deep cycle battery and plug in both your AC unit and the trickle charger for the DC pump.

In terms of noise, you’re unlikely to hear any while the 507-0011 is in operation; it’s certainly not going to interrupt any activities n the ground floor while running in a sump pit in your basement. In terms of long-term reliability, we’re not as comfortable with the M98 installed as a main pump due to having come across a number of complaints about it when installed as a standalone pump. However, we almost never come across poor reports when it’s paired with the M507, as in this case. While we doubt  this package is as reliable as the 508-0006, we’d conservatively give it a 7-14 year lifespan estimate.

Troubleshooting and Installation Tips to Get Your Zoeller 507-0011 Working Sooner

The top thing to keep in mind when you install the Zoeller 507-0011 is that you need a 12 volt deep cycle battery in the battery case of the M507 for it to work.We recommend batteries like the the Zoeller AGM, the MK-E27-SLD-G, and the Wayne AGM WSB1275, due to our confidence in their compatibility and high functionality in any of the combination and DC-based systems we’ve reviewed to date. More broadly, you’ll need a 27, 29, or 31-sized battery holding at least 175 minutes of reserve capacity; this should provide up to 7.5 hours of continuous operation in the backup pump, which translates into roughly 4 days of intermittent operation. Hopefully you’ll either have AC power back, a generator running, or a new DC battery swapped in at that point if you’re still out of power.

Zoeller 507-0011  Sump Pump’s Pros, Cons, and Value Comparison

Overall, we see the Zoeller 507-0011 as a strong contender in the field of combination AC/DC sump pumps. As with the Zoeller 508-0007, its main pump, the M98, is faster than that in the Wayne WSSM40V, although again, the faster backup pump is in the Wayne. While we’re perfectly happy with the M507 backup pump, we feel the potential weak link in the unit is the M98 main pump. Although the majority on the market provide many years of problem-free service, there are some out there prone to premature failure. If your priorities involve the communicative and self-monitoring features of the Wayne’s backup pump, the Wayne is clearly the unit to get. If reliability is your top priority,we’d recommend the Zoeller 508-0006; it has a rock solid AC pump and a reasonably fast backup pump. Otherwise, the Zoeller 507-0011 (or the Zoeller 508-0007) are the best choices for top speed in the main pump. However, keep in mind that the Zoeller 507-0011’s backup pump isn’t as fast as that in the Zoeller 508-0007.

You can buy the Zoeller 507-011 here on Amazon. You can buy the Zoeller 508-0007 here. You can buy the Zoeller 508-0006 here. You can buy the Zoeller 507-0008 hereYou can buy the Wayne WSSM40V here. You can buy the Zoeller AGM battery here. You can buy the MK E27-SLD-G battery here.

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