Recommended Sewage Pumps (Ejector, Grinder, Simplex, Duplex Systems)

When it comes to sewage pumps, we’re pretty conservative in our recommendations. Going too far to save a few dollars now can lead to spending many more (in addition to hours cleaning out sewage) due to premature failure. What follows are some of the best sewage ejector pumps, grinder pumps, and simplex and duplex systems we’ve had the fortune of reviewing, along with some more budget-minded recommendations. If you’re looking for a $50 sewage pump, you’re unfortunately not going to find one here. But if you want something you can buy for life, whether for residential or commercial applications, we think you’ll like what you find here. We’ll only recommend the best choices in each category and price range below. If you’ve got your credit card in hand and are ready to buy, you can use the links we’ve added below for your convenience.

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Recommended standalone sewage grinder pumps



Liberty Pumps PRG101A, A-2Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps PRG102A, A-2Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps PRG101m, m-2Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps PRG102m, m-2Review here. Buy here.

If you want a sewage pump that’s not going to stop the first, second, or fiftieth time someone flushes a feminine hygiene product, underwear, rags, diaper wipes, towels, or anything else that shouldn’t be flushed, you can’t afford to try to save money with an ejector pump or ejector-based system; you need a grinder pump. The PRG 101 and 102 series are a good value; they’re reliable, affordable at the $1,000 mark, and straightforward to install.

Recommended pre-assembled sewage ejector pump systems



Liberty Pumps P382LE51Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps P382LE41 Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps P372LE51Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps P372LE41Review here. Buy here.

If your residential or commercial needs can be met with an ejector pump but you want as much reliability as possible, you’ll want a pre-assembled ejector system. The P380 and P370 series are two good options available for well under $1,000; each provides a quick setup and increased reliability compared to standalone ejector pumps.

Recommended standalone sewage ejector pumps


Zoeller M267Review here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps LE51AReview here. Buy here.
Liberty Pumps LE41AReview here. Buy here.

If you don’t need the quick assembly and additional reliability of an ejector pump system, a standalone ejector pump will allow you to drain sewage into a septic tank or into a sewage system against gravity. The M267 is one of the most recommended sewage ejector pumps on the market when it comes to long term reliability.

Recommended budget sewage ejector pumps (under $200)

Wayne RPP50Review here. Buy here.

If you’re on a tight budget and absolutely can’t afford to spend more than $200 on a sewage ejector pump, the RPP50 is one of the better compromises you can make. We’d absolutely recommend upgrading to one of the ejector pumps above if at all possible, but if not, the RPP50 will still beat anything you’ll find in a box store.

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